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Von Bardonitz

Von Bardonitz, established in 2007, epitomized an androgynous, minimalistic, and bold style. Over the span of six years, I've created six collections, showcasing them worldwide.


Creative Direction

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Von Bardonitz

The task at hand was to cultivate a fashion brand from scratch, initially without financial support, relying solely on personal investment. Navigating the competitive German fashion landscape, I crafted six collections that garnered global recognition.

In an era predating the dominance of social media, promotion relied heavily on traditional channels such as blogs and magazines. Despite these hurdles, I showcased and sold my work across various international platforms and stores, spanning France, Canada, Russia, Latvia, Taiwan, the United States, and Germany. Operating as a small team of four, our journey culminated with the presentation of my final collection, "ONE," at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

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