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toi toi toi creative studio

Toi Toi Toi Creative Studio specializes in interior design, crafting spaces that evoke positive emotions, prioritize sensory experiences, and uphold principles of inclusivity, environmental sustainability, and ethical standards.

Content Creation

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The studio's founders approached me upon completing the interior design for Contentful Inc.'s office building, a contender for the prestigious Building of the Year 2024 title by ArchDaily. They enlisted my expertise to capture the essence of the building through a series of Instagram reels and to provide guidance for enhancing their social media channels.

My task was to showcase Contentful's vibrant and inclusive work environment, which boasts an array of features including concept work areas, meeting rooms of various sizes, lounges, focus areas, quiet spaces, meditation pods, ablution rooms, custom nap pods, a parents' room, fitness facilities with showers, a workshop room, tea kitchens, event spaces, and a sprawling 400 sq. m café with a terrace.

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