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The Barn

Since 2010, The Barn has been a trailblazer in Europe's coffee scene, championing the Specialty Coffee Movement. At a crucial juncture of expansion, with several new coffee shops on the horizon, The Barn sought additional marketing support to bolster its growth.

Social Media Management

Event Management

Content Creation

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The Barn

In Berlin's thriving coffee culture, competition is fierce, with notable rivals such as Five Elephants and Bonanza. To stand out, The Barn needed to showcase its premium coffee offerings most compellingly and qualitatively possible.

During my tenure with The Barn, I spearheaded strategic online marketing initiatives and social media planning to support the launch of new products and events. My focus was on crafting targeted content and orchestrating the preparation and distribution of press releases to amplify The Barn's brand presence and ensure its continued success amidst stiff competition.

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