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Our/Vodka was a global family of vodkas crafted in micro-distilleries in city centres worldwide. Among these, Our/Berlin emerged as a pivotal player until 2018. The challenge? Introducing a tiny bottle into a big network of gastronomic establishments across Berlin and beyond.

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Navigating established gastronomy and bars accustomed to bulk purchases of larger bottles, often tied to contracts with industry giants like Absolut, presented a formidable challenge. My task was to personally forge connections and cultivate meaningful relationships in this competitive arena.

I devised a multi-faceted strategy to overcome these hurdles. Firstly, I leveraged B2B connections with complementary brands such as Fritz or Thomas Henry, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships. Additionally, I implemented targeted marketing campaigns via social media channels to bolster brand visibility. Further, I facilitated B2B engagement through events, such as those held at the LOQI tower, and organized immersive distillery tours, offering firsthand insight into Our/Berlin's unique craftsmanship. Through these concerted efforts, we successfully navigated the landscape, carving out a niche within the bustling Berlin gastronomic scene.

Additionally, I revived the "Penpal" campaign, which involves inviting a bar team to infuse a bottle of Our/Vodka with flavors of their choice. This enables the next bar to craft a distinctive drink using the infused vodka. Through this initiative, we were able to cultivate a stronger rapport with our customers while concurrently producing a video series for the Our/Berlin Social Channels.

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