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MAYD emerged during the COVID era, joining the surge of pharmacy delivery services in Germany that focus on delivering everything from local pharmacies to your doorstep within minutes. The question was: How can we stand out in a sea of similar apps?

Social Media Management

Creative Direction

Content Creation

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Faced with the challenge of differentiation in a crowded market, our task was clear: devise a campaign that would unmistakably distinguish MAYD from its competitors.

Enter #YouMAYDmyday, a bold social media campaign crafted to set MAYD apart from the pack. Stepping in just months after MAYD's inception, I spearheaded the creation of their social media presence and devised this standout campaign.

Executing a seamless blend of striking video and photo content, I collaborated with photographer Max Knoop, videographer Adam Thorogood, H&M artist Jalil Romo, and assistant Alex Galita. As creative director, I oversaw casting, scouted locations, and directed the composition of visuals across all channels.

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