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Kaviar Gauche

Kaviar Gauche is a prominent Berlin-based fashion label celebrated for its modern bridal couture. Renowned both locally and internationally, it stands as one of Germany's most successful fashion brands. Seeking to expand its reach, Kaviar Gauche embarked on a new journey to connect with audiences worldwide.

Social Media Management

Creative Direction

Content Creation

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Kaviar Gauche

With aspirations to broaden its reach, Kaviar Gauche embarked on two significant endeavours: the launch of a TikTok channel and the introduction of a more accessible bridal line. The challenge lies in leveraging TikTok effectively to enhance brand visibility and drive sales.

Crafting a comprehensive content strategy, I delved into the essence of Kaviar Gauche's style while infusing fresh approaches tailored for TikTok. In addition to TikTok, I managed content strategies across Kaviar Gauche's other channels and devised a newsletter strategy to further enhance brand engagement.

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