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Bonial, with its flagship platform kaufDa, is Germany's top drive-to-store marketing platform. Dedicated to connecting millions of shoppers with their favourite brands and retailers. However, it faced a challenging adversary: online shopping.

Concept & Strategy

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Despite its success, Bonial faced a daunting opponent: the pervasive rise of online shopping. In a landscape dominated by digital convenience, the challenge was to reinvigorate interest in in-store experiences and elevate the allure of physical retail.

Addressing this challenge head-on, my team and I embarked on a strategic journey to develop compelling sales concepts and strategies tailored to Bonial's clients. By harnessing the power of the kaufDa platform, we empowered brands to leverage in-store foot traffic and enhance their visibility. Throughout my tenure at Bonial, I collaborated with renowned clients such as Ikea, VW, Obi, Rewe, Thalia, Douglas, and Aldi, among others, to drive tangible results and foster enduring connections with consumers.

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