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HateAid is a Berlin-based non-profit dedicated to supporting victims of online hate speech and strengthening democracy in the digital realm. They strive to create a positive online environment for all, irrespective of gender, origin, or religion. Our task was to elevate the visibility of HateAid's cause among both the public and politicians through bold PR stunts held in front of the Bundestag.

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The challenge posed was: What obstacles do victims face within German bureaucracy when confronted with online violence?

Our objective was to amplify awareness for HateAid's mission, shed light on the legal barriers encountered by victims, and advocate for improved legal frameworks to safeguard them.

In response, we orchestrated a PR stunt to shine a spotlight on the hurdles endured by victims of digital violence. This initiative aimed to vividly illustrate the challenges faced by victims and advocate for legal reforms to provide enhanced support.

Operating under the campaign hashtag #StopHateMakeLaws, we erected symbolic hurdles at Pariser Platz to symbolize the arduous journey victims undertake in asserting their rights.
I led the entire process, overseeing everything from concept development to event execution, to ensure our message resonated effectively and was well-received.

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