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Creative Matterz Fund

The CMZF was established to empower forward-thinking creatives in the sustainable fashion industry through funding, mentorship, and public relations assistance. The fund was created out of love for fashion but also the dire need for change!

Creative Direction

Concept & Strategy

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Creative Matterz Fund

Initiated by Cherie Birkner and her platform Sustainable Fashion Matterz, the CMZF addresses the pressing issues entrenched within the fashion industry. With its significant environmental footprint and frequent reliance on exploitative practices, the industry demands urgent attention.

In response, we championed collective efforts and provided a platform for new projects to thrive. We invited creatives to apply with their sustainable fashion initiatives, offering funding, mentorship, and PR assistance to drive positive change.

I became involved in the project during its early stages, contributing expertise in conceptualization, strategic planning and social media strategy. Collaborating with a dedicated and proficient team, we spearheaded the communication efforts across social media platforms and curated a selection of participating projects. Through a meticulous pre-selection process, we identified the most promising initiatives, which were subsequently evaluated by a panel of esteemed fashion professionals.

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