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Cake Studio

Cake Studio Berlin, stood as an iconic 200 sqm full-service studio. Conceived as a dynamic hub for commercial productions, music recordings, events, exhibitions, and various creative projects, it embodied innovation and versatility.

Social Media Management

Event Concept


Creative Direction

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Cake Studio

The challenge lay in establishing a brand-new business from scratch, encompassing interior design, client acquisition, and marketing strategies. Learning to navigate the complexities of running a production and event space while revitalizing a dilapidated studio added to the complexity.

The journey was an exhilarating one, marked by the creation of compelling marketing strategies. Leveraging attention-grabbing social media campaigns and tapping into my network from previous endeavors, proved invaluable. Utilizing platforms like Facebook and Instagram, alongside targeted advertising campaigns, facilitated outreach. Moreover, hosting events featuring renowned artists and brands provided a platform for increased exposure and facilitated direct interaction with potential clients, ultimately propelling Cake Studio Berlin into the spotlight.

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